Ojochal and El Jardin Tortuga How to get there? What to do?

Ojochal and El Jardin Tortuga

The village of Ojochal and nearby Playa Tortuga are located in one of the biologically most diverse regions on earth: Southern Costa Rica, the Pacific coast. It is a small and cosy village in the Osa region of Costa Rica. Mountains, primary jungle, miles of white-sand beaches, scenic rivers and thousands of species of tropical plants, birds and animals await you here!

In the middle of all of that, just outside the village, is El Jardin Tortuga. Besides oranges, avocados and lemons, there are mango, star fruit, guava, guanabana, banana, grapefruit, papaya, bread fruit and many other exotic fruit trees. More than 300 types of plants, flowers, ornamental shrubs and medicinal herbs have been planted throughout the property as well, creating a very lush and colourful environment. Turtles and crayfish can be spied in the small ponds on the property, while large iguanas doze in the trees.

Birdwatchers and photographers are particularly thrilled here. On the lower level past the stream and pond are tall palms and other shade trees leading across a more open area to the banks of a wide river where lizards sun on large boulders. At the river, Rio Tortuga, which is also part of El Jardin Tortuga, there is a natural caved pool for a refreshing bath or swim. Enjoy this beautiful paradise while having an ice cold drink of enjoying our healthy meals.
El Jardin Tortuga is so green and tropical because of the tropical rains. The best weather (dry and sunny) is between December and May.

Map of El Jardin Tortuga

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How to get there?

Planning your trip to Costa Rica, we can recommend some hotels in San José where you can stay as well as car or motorbike rental companies. Ojochal is in the South of Costa Rica, on the Pacific Coast. From San José, you can take a bus or rent a car. The trip takes about 4,5 hours and passes through the high mountains with cloud forest and the city of San Isidro del General. From there, you go towards the ocean (turn right near the McDonald's), in the direction of Dominical. Arriving at the Costanera (coastal road) you turn left, South toward Uvita. After about 33 km you will see the entrance to the village of Ojochal. There is also a sign for El Jardin Tortuga on the Costanera.

Take a left to enter Ojochal. Drive straight and cross a small bridge. Across the bridge, the road goes to the left. Follow the road about 2 km. After the soccer field on you right hand side, you will see a small shop, abastecedor El Rio, on the left hand side. Turn left here and cross the bridge. Take the first road to the right. After about 300 meters you will see the entrance to El Jardin Tortuga. There are signs along the road to help you find your way.

What to do?

Ojochal is the ideal base for any kind of excursion in the south western part of Costa Rica. The diversity of tours available at El Jardin Tortuga makes it hard to choose. Some options are listed here. For more tours, please contact us.

  • Visit the pristine beaches, like Ventana beach (4 km), Tortuga beach (2 km), and Ballena Marine National Park (7 km). You can also snorkle at these beaches.
  • Hike to the waterfall in Rio Tortuga (about 1 hour) and take a refreshing bath below its falling water.
  • Playa Tortuga is a well known fisherman paradise. Species caught here include red snapper, tuna, dorado, wahoo, and mackrels.
  • El Jardin Tortuga's special tour: fly over the rainforest with an ultralight: a new way to expand your borders!
  • Corcovado National Park: (2 hr drive): beautiful forests and interesting wildlife, also under water.
  • Diver's paradise is Isla del Caño. Book a trip and enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica's waters!
  • Visit the amazing Mangrove Ecosystems along Rio Sierpe with a boat tour or kayak tour,
  • Bird watching can be done anywhere, even in our own garden. And your patience is always rewarded with the most colourful birds.
  • Horseback riding to waterfalls or other beautiful places around Ojochal.
  • ... and many more activities.

Should you have special wishes, don't hesitate to contact us! We are glad to help.